Quiz: World Cup

Since it’s inception in 1930 the World Cup comes around every four years except in 1942 and 1946 due to World War 2. Out of the 21 tournaments undertaken so far how many teams can you name that reached the last four in each FIFA World Cup? Take the test here

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The Miracle of Bern

In 1950 Germany was in a mess. The war-torn country was still trying to pick itself up following World War II. Football was slowly re-emerging in the late 1940s, but it took until 1950 for the German football structure to be fully functional, domestically and internationally. The German football association, DFB, officially re-formed on January […]

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Greatest Football Computer Games

What was your favourite football computer game growing up? Was it joystick action via Sensible Soccer or replicating the tricks of your favourite players on FIFA or Pro Evo. Or was you more of a football strategist, clicking your mouse to League titles and cup success playing Championship Manager or Top Eleven. Which one got […]

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