Our Top 3 Retro England Shirts

The years have not always been kind to football fashion, the nineties seemed to be a testing ground for unholy splashes of colour and some patterns which belong on the curtains at your nans house, not on a football stripe. Us England fans, have had our fair share of fashion faux pas – May we never forget the David Seaman Euro 96 shirt. But we are not here to dwell on Englands worst. Believe it or not, there have been some great kits in the past – Lets celebrate the times that England got it right over the last 30 years!

Italia 90

When the beautiful game was at its best. Italia 90 is often thought of as the tournament which changed football in England. From jeers to cheers, then tears. The 1990 World Cup had it all and it was a truly unforgettable England performance! When you wear a retro italia 90 England shirt to this day, its emotional. But nostalgia aside, this is one of the finest retro England football shirts. The Italia 90 kit gives fans the best of English heritage, 90s flair, and timeless style.

Euro 96 Home Kit

When football came home. This was the year when England positivity was at its peak. There was a huge buzz around the country and the nation was really hopeful! Of course, England would eventually bow out to the competition winners, Germany. But football in England had definitely changed. For a brief moment, it really did feel like football had come home. Keeper shirts and away kits aside, the Euro 96 England shirt speaks passion for the game.

1998 World Cup Home Kit

We were not outsung, we were never outfought, and we were never outplayed. But nevertheless, it was the tyranny of the penalty shoot out which brought England down and out of the World Cup. This was the third year in a row we had been chucked out of a tournament on penalties. But it was a beautiful performance. The Michael Owen 1998 World Cup performance was one to remember, as was Shearer and many more. A simple football shirt, with a modern twist as the 90s comes to a close.

And there you have it, some our favourite retro england shirts. You might be thinking, What about the 66 winners shirt? Not only was 1966 England’s best performance, the shirt is a timeless design and you are not wrong in thinking that! But we have focussed this article on the top 3 shirts of the modern era. If you are after our all time favourites – that’s for another list!

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