Greatest LFC Premier League XI

Born in 1989 in Liverpool and grew up in Croxteth just down the road from a certain Wayne Rooney, I’ve been privileged to see a lot of good players come through the Liverpool ranks during that time. Here is my greatest LFC team from the Premier League era.

Formation: 4-2-1-3

Goalkeeper is Alisson Becker. Since he signed in July 2018 he has been nothing short of phenomenal. The fact that he’s only been at the club three years and is my number one pick says it all. Pepe Reina was a close second but the ‘keeper who wins the Champions League and then follows it up with the Premier League has to be in my team.

Right-back is Trent Alexander-Arnold. I don’t think I need to justify this one as much. Trent is a local lad like myself and is living the dreams of millions. Since his debut in 2016 at the young age of 18 he has been absolutely tremendous. He had a few tough times against some tricky wingers in his earlier days but since the arrival of Alisson and van Dijk his game went to a new level. 29 assists and 7 goals in his 120 Premier League appearances only prove how special he is for a right-back.

Centre-back is Virgil van Dijk. Virg is the single most important player we’ve signed in the Premier League era in my opinion – so his inclusion doesn’t come as a surprise. The fact that we haven’t had him in the team since October and have endured very patchy form is only a testament to how good the man is. The best £75m we’ve ever spent.

Centre-back is Jamie Carragher. Carra shades the other slot over Sami Hyypia as he is also a local lad. From making his debut in 1996 until his retirement in 2013 he encapsulated the grit and determination and constantly strived to make himself a better player. From starting off in midfield, to playing full-back and then finally moving to his favoured centre-back position from the 2004/05 season where he thrived. The final in Istanbul in 2005 was one of his best games where he fought through cramp to enable us to miraculously win on pens. The song ‘we all dream of a team of Carragher’s’ was more than apt after performances like that.

Left-back is Andy Robertson. Arguably the best bargain we’ve ever had? £8m from Hull for a player of his calibre is an absolute steal in today’s market – especially as Kevin Stewart left to move to Hull for the exact same price. Since his arrival in 2017 he took every opportunity with both hands. An injury to Moreno gave Robbo a run in the team in December of his first year and he’s never looked back. To go on to win the trophies we have has been a collective effort but one which Robbo has been hugely significant in.

Centre-midfield is Steven Gerrard. Do I even need to justify this one? The best player I have ever seen play footy.  The fact he played for my club just made it all the more sweeter.

Centre-midfield is Xabi Alonso. An absolute midfield maestro and one of my favourite players of all-time after his 5 years at the club. Key to the win in Istanbul with the rebounded penalty and just one of the best passers of the ball you will ever see. Two goals from his own half during his half a decade at the club (Luton and Newcastle) only prove just how audacious the Spaniard was.

Centre attacking midfielder is Luis Suarez. Maybe the most technically-gifted player we’ve had in the Premier League era? He literally scored every type of goal you could think of during his 3 years at the club. From unbelievable goals from his own half vs. Norwich to bullet headers from  edge of the box vs. West Brom to an audacious curling strike against Stoke immediately after a nut meg to make the space – the man could do everything.

Right forward is Mo Salah. The fact he is 13th in our all-time top goal scorers list ahead of the late great Ian St John and John Barnes with an amazing 119 goals shows Mo Salah’s world-class ability. To come back to the Premier League after 3 years after it not working out at Chelsea was a testament to Salah’s determination to right those wrongs. He scored 44 goals in his debut season, 27 in his second, 23 in his third and currently has 25 so far this season. He has been one of the best signings we have ever made and is rightly heralded as The Egyptian King.

Left forward is Fernando Torres. I define this player by how it felt when he left for Chelsea. Devastating. But that doesn’t take away from the pure joy to watch our former number 9 play football was. In his four years he forged an unbelievable partnership with Steven Gerrard (which will go down as one of the best duos ever) and it was this which catapulted him to being the best striker in the world for those first three years of his time at the club. The fact that his song was absolutely boss was just an added bonus to the enjoyment he brought.

Centre forward is Robbie Fowler. One word: God. He is literally the best natural finisher I’ve seen. He was also the first player to break my heart by signing for another club in 2001 (joined by Torres 10 years later in 2011!) when he moved to Leeds.  The fact he only got 26 caps for England is shocking considering the amount of ability Fowler had. When he came back home in 2006 for one year was one of the best moments I’ve experienced as a fan.

Notable mentions: Jordan Henderson (needs no intro), Sadio Mane, Michael Owen, Pepe Reina, Sami Hyypia, Steve Finnan, Daniel Agger and John Arne Riise plus loads more!

Who would you add?

Mick Moran – podcast host for The Kopite Podcast

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