Italia 1990 Revisited

Scorched Earth

Thatcher’s dark shadow was cast over England in the Eighties. A bleak and desolate country. The Specials serenaded the decade with the haunting anthem, ‘Ghost Town’, to a backdrop of inner-city decay and industrial decline. The working class were conflicted between the sceptre of mass unemployment and the gratification of council house ownership. The North-South divide was like a machete wound. The Soviet Empire aimed ICBM missiles at London. Babylon was burning.

Football attendances were at an all-time low, hooliganism blighted the terraces and the boardrooms asset-stripped the balance sheets. Stadia crumbled from the lack of investment and the finest footballing talent was exported to the continent.

Never mind the revolution. Football was not even televised in 1985.

Out of darkness cometh light

From beneath the smouldering ashes, a clandestine renaissance began energising the youth. The heaving masses were being nourished in the warehouses and fields of England. A popular and unrelenting uprising to the mesmeric beat of acid house…

The phoenix took flight from the embers with Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma, New Order’s World in Motion and Italia ’90. Exiled on Sardinia, the England team had the greatest football shirt trilogy of all-time in their kitbag…

Three Lions, Threes Classic Shirts

Score Draw, on behalf of the Football Association, will celebrate these three jerseys – the red, white and blue – on 23rd April, St George’s Day. A euphoric England 1990 Mash-Up shirt of original fabrics and embellishments.

This football shirt celebrates youthful exuberance emerging from adversity. Two distinctive England 1990 Track Jackets and a training tee to complete the ‘SD90’ capsule.

The design is inspired by the RAF target that adorned our Spitfires, emblematic of English guile and courage, and stylishly adopted by the Sixties Mods of Carnaby Street. We pay homage to the geometric patterns with our unique shard-like collage. Hand-sewn and embroidered with ‘the Three Lions’.

The inspiration behind SD90

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