Matchday Juniors

By midday on a Saturday, most football stadiums would see large groups of junior football fans eagerly awaiting outside the main terrace entrances waiting for the narrow doors to open and unique sound of the turnstiles clicking into action as fans pass through one by one. The match day programme is carefully stowed away safely ready to review once on the terraces pre-match and on the bus journey home later.

The cast iron turnstiles feeds the fans into the the concourse area and eventually out into the terraces to absorb the overwhelming overload of the senses, the smell of freshly cut grass, the waft of the pies being cooked and the Bovril being poured. The sounds of the tannoy reading out today’s team news and the faint sound of the lottery and programme sellers going about their business. To the sights of the players warming up and the groundsmen with his folk making the final touches to the pitch.

The excitement and anticipation of walking up those steps to see the stadium in all it’s glory, rushing to your favourite spot on the terraces whether that be along the fences to get up and close to the action or maybe taking up prime position in the disco area to enjoy the ultimate match day experience. The enjoyment of going to the match starts hours before a ball has even been kicked and ends hours after the final whistle, regardless of the result.

What was your favourite match day experiences as a kid?

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